Make it possible to choose bitrate between 44.1 and 48

Since the QC is 48khz only, shouldn’t it be possible to run it at 44.1 if NDSP were to allow it?

The QC is locked at 48k sample rate. Why would you want a lesser quality sample rate?

Many users have recordings at 44.1 they’d like to add the QC to

Oh, ok. I guess I don’t understand how you “add” the QC to a 44.1k recording session. Do you mean, to use as the QC as an interface? If so, that would make sense.

Yes, they want to use the QC to add tracks in a DAW that can’t resample or convert the rate on the fly

I’d like that!
Spotify runs on 44.1 and I bet most of us use it. To avoid resampling when critical listening or playing along and recording in a DAW driver should be set at 44.1 to avoid useless conversions. Anyway I didnt noticed any real difference (despite it is there because 4 thousands samples are invented by interpolation).