Rebooting quad

Love my cortex, I’ve sold a lot of gear and simplified my gigs. I’m committed. Was playing a show last night and the cortex rebooted twice in the same song. Needless to say it left me stranded for 20 secs each time and In a three piece I had no where to hide. It was a Light patch, not pushing cpu. Anything I should look for in my rig. My pedal board is tight and stable and ventilated. What could cause this Power issues? Anything I can do to protect against this. Any ideas?

are you using the factory power adapter, or after-market 3rd party? What was it connected to?
Could it have been the main power at venue is inconsistent or dirty? If it hasn’t done that anywhere else it’s more likely the venue power than the QC itself.
Is your QC updated to the lastest CorOs?
Otherwise, you probably should contact support just in case- it might need to be repaired.

Yes, please email so they can look into this to make sure there’s nothing going on.

Thanks guys - submitted a ticket - appreciate all the support already!

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This may well be completely irrelevant to you and if so, I apologise, but I had the same experience at my last gig. My QC (and entire rig) powered down twice.

The culprit was the house DJ who inadvertently pulled my main power plug from the wall socket. Just one of those things but it occurred to me that a loose plug/socket/etc might be to blame in your scenario and as such would a lot less of a problem to deal with than a problem with your QC.

Either way, I hope you resolve it.