Reaper is not showing the entire UI

Hi all, I’m using Archetype: NOLLY for a while now, sounds freaking awesome. I’m having a little problem though. It was all working fine until a month ago, when I noticed that if I open the plug-in UI inside my DAW (Reaper) it only shows the plug-in inside the “plug-in window”. If I try to resize the window so I can see the entire plug-in it only shows the first part of the plug-in that I was seeing when the FX window was open, the other parts just appear blank. I already tried to upgrade reaper and re-install, not working. Can someone help me with this? Is there anyone else experiencing this?

I also have this problem but only on the VST3 version. The VST version works fine so I use that. I’m not even sure what the difference is between VST and VST3.

Not sure what the difference is also. Are you using Reaper?

As said above, this is an issue with Reaper and VST3 (not exclusive to our Plug-Ins).

The VST2 version (under the VST tag in Reaper) should work perfectly fine.

Ok, thanks for the quick reply. I’ll switch to VST or VST2 while this bug is fixed in Reaper.

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Yes. I use Reaper. And another sentence to make up the 20 character limit.

In Reaper (6) You may try going to: Options > Preferences > General. At the bottom of the page, press the “Advanced UI/system tweaks” button. Change the option “HiDPI mode” to “Aware + ignore” for Hi resolution, or “Unaware (v5.32-v5.98x behaviour)” for lower resolution. Close and restart Reaper to see if you get the desired result/s.



Dude! This fixed everything, plus the UI looks better now, like more polished. Thanks for the tip man.



Glad it did the trick :slight_smile: