Reaper crashes when scrolling through presets


I bought Omega Granophyre a few weeks ago - I love it!

I’ve been demoing Plini, Nolly and Abasi to figure out what to get next - and I’m recording some parts in to Reaper, looping it - and then changing to different amps and presets. There is no real pattern, but after 20 minutes or so Reaper crashes as I’m changing presets.
I haven’t noticed this with Granophyre (although maybe i haven’t scrolled presets that much)

Is anybody else seeing this?

Edit - I guess I should say:
Windows 10 x64
latest Reaper x64 - ver 6.09.

John B

Hey @jbraner. Thank you for notifying us.

We received your email and we’re currently investigating this.

Hi Gonzalo,

I wonder if it’s just because there is a lot of data to load for a preset change?

Ie are the presets “big”?

It can be due to the number of parameters the Plug-In needs to change in time to load the next preset. Have you tried increasing the buffer size to check if it still happens?

Hi Gonzalo,

No, I haven’t tried this.

To be honest – this is only going to occur while testing all the new amps out.

In normal use, I wouldn’t be switching around so much.

The reason I love Reaper is that I don’t have any problems running at 64 sample buffer sizes.

I’ll try changing the buffer size and see if it helps (but I wouldn’t want to run like this normally)

PS – where are you guys located? Are you in Europe somewhere?

I’m in the UK, so have lots of time to try out new amps :wink:

Wherever you are – I hope you’re keeping safe :wink:


That’s understandable. You still could increase the buffer size temporarily just for mixing purposes.

Yes, we’re located in Helsinki, Finland. Thank you for your kind words and stay safe too!

Hi Gonzalo,
Yes - you are right! At buffer = 128 samples it’s fine. I flicked presets like crazy and it’s fine. As soon as I went back to buffers = 64 samples, I could make it crash.

So, I’ll have to increase buffers when setting up and looking through (my) presets. Then I can put it back to 64 to record.

Now I have to check out the brand new Fortin! :wink:
(I knew something was coming today…)

John B

Awesome! I hope you like it.

Hello, I have the same issue.
Typically it happens when I’m in playing mode, like just playing 20 minutes for fun and changing my preset every 3/4 minutes to explore my sounds.
Reaper suddenly crashes. My Reaper project usually has only the guitar track for this purpose, and it doesn’t stress my computer hardware at all.
My buffer sample is 48 or 64 when playing live, and I don’t want to higher my buffer sample even more.

It’s better to have an auto-save feature in the DAW when it happens…

Any fix is planned for this issue?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Predtech. Have you tried to replicate the same with other Neural plugins?

Hello, I don’t use other plugins for now, but I will trial another one soon to check it, thanks!

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