Granophyre and Cali interfaces going blank

The plugin interfaces seem to malfunction (parts disappear). I restarted the DAW and same.
This is the second time it happened but this time problem persists after restart. I tried switching to VST3 versions but after not long problem comes back.
The project is very busy with 7-8 instances of Cali/Granophyre.
Is this a known issue (any workaround)?
Thank you.

System is:
Reaper (latest v6.14)
Windows 10 - all up to date
Ryzen 3600
Radeon RX570

Printscreens below:

Hi @Seb7. Try running them as Separate/Dedicated process (Right-click over the plugin before adding it > Run as > Separate process or Dedicated process).

We haven’t received anything similar before, so I’m not sure what could be causing it. Does it happen with the standalone as well?

Hi Gonzalo,

Thanks for your reply.

It seems to work so far using “separate process” - 9 instances of Cali and Granophyre sharing same RAM but separate from Reaper. I am not yet sure how this affects system performance of whether the problem will return.
As for “dedicated process” mode, this is bound to limit CPU resources drastically when using many plugin instances.

This never happened in the standalone version.

I suspect the problem is related to having many instances of the plugins in the same very CPU/RAM heavy project. I couldn’t replicate the problem in various much smaller test projects where 2-3 Neural DSP plugins run flawlessly in “native” mode…

It’s really strange that this never happened before to anyone.
If you get any further ideas of what could cause the problem please let me know.

Regards, Seb.

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Maybe this is related to your issue?

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