Reamp with real amplifier - reamp box required?

In order to reamp from my DAW to an external amp I’d have to use a reamp box for the levels and impedance but could that be done through the Quad?
Can any of the outputs provide unbalanced instrument level signals or do I need a reamp box?
I’d assume the “capture out” output sends an unbalanced signal right?


Hi @perlan77, welcome to the forum… Reamping is frequently discussed here. I would suggest typing “reamp” in the search feature and perusing through some of the threads on that topic.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve found heaps of info regarding reamping within the Quad (which I’ve done many times) but not using external amp.

with as many complaints as I’ve seen about low signal levels when sending the QC to an amp, I’d probably err on the side of caution and recommend the reamp-box. Haven’t tried that exact setup myself yet.