Rack mount for Quad Cortex


Does any one have suggestions or recommendations on how to install the Quad Cortex on a rack?

I saw this case from SKB 1SKB ISF4U and I thought would be a great solution for the quad cortex. However, it won’t fit on top because of the height of the quad cortex.

I loved the idea of having the pedals on top of the case instead of installing a rack tray/shelf for quick access.

Also, I’m not sure if it would be a problem but the drawers that I find don’t have locks to keep it in place, so the tray would move when transporting the rack and this makes me a little bit uncomfortable.

The SKB VS-1 would be a great solution, it has locks and velcro pad but it would take 3U of the rack because of the total height and it is quite expensive.

I also checked the 1SKB R104W case and installing this tray on top.

However, the case is quite deep and my plan is to put the rack on top of a 4x12 cabinet which is not as deep. The size footprint wouldn’t be ideal.

I would love to hear how do you use your quad cortex in a rack and what products do you recommend for that!

There’s a YouTube video of Megadeth’s setup that looks as though they’ve done some sort of rack thing for the QC:

Yes, I saw this. But unfortunately this looks like custom built and it is too big for my use case.

I would love something like this but in a compact size travel friendly size.

I only need 4U + Quad Cortex on top like the picture or 6U if I would put in a tray or something like this.

I think they use a standard rack shelf for their QC’s.