Quad Cortex with RME / Focusrite

Hi, Ive been using the QC as audio interface through USB on a Windows 10 machine (with Ableton 11) and have problems with stuttering etc when projects get complex, I’m hoping to bypass the QC as audio interface to use more stable drivers to resolve the issues.

I have a RME Hdspe aio pro soundcard, and I’m not sure what extension I should get to pipe the QC into and retain low latency erc. my hope would be to use the RME card for audio playback and just line out the QC sounds into some extension and connect it through ADAT to the RME card. I’ve been reading about focusrite18i20 and Scarlett Octopre, not sure if those would be a good pick… any thoughts on this?

A bonus with the setup is I want to be able to use the focusrite (piped into rme) for DI to be used with Neural DSP plugs whenever I don’t need the QC, or use plugins not supported in QC yet.

thankful for any answers :pray: