Quad Cortex Wish List

Welcome @poulwinther!

° I’d love to see a Reverse Delay Effect.
° Better Modulation Effects.

You can bypass the QC’s preamps by using one of the returns as an input.

° The ability to copy a block or block(s) within a preset or between presets.

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Actually the most logical way of doing it. People seem to be slagging Neural off, not really taking into account it’s the companies first flight into hardware whilst in the mist of a global pandemic.

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First, Matt, welcome to the NDSP Forum. You are right. I know ppl get impatient. I’m wanting to sell Captures and Presets and that’s really not possible until we get an editor or are given the ability to distribute files outside of the Cortex Mobile App.

I look at the QC as an investment in my tone. I honestly believe the wait will be worth it. Can you imagine this QC in 5 years? 10 years?

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I know it’s probably all been said, but I’ll echo…

  • A global EQ
  • A per block visualization if there is a particular block overloading signal
    -A constant input and output meter (could be very thin on the left and right side of the main screen)
  • Gain reduction meters on compressors
  • and keep growing the collection of bass amp/cab models.

Thank you for the welcome. I own the Mooer GE 300. I wanted to get into amp modeling for live purposes last year and the 300 is a perfect entry level product. I’ve been waiting for the QC to start rolling out so like you, I can invest in my tone.

Mooer products are cool, but lack the professional tone I’m looking for.

That’s a pricey entry level floor unit. I watched a couple of videos on the Mooer GE300. Very nice! This would make a very nice backup rig with the built-in expression pedal and the XLR outs. Sounds killer. I’ve actually been considering an HX Stomp to carry as a backup for the QC. The FM3 is just too expensive to carry around as a backup. With the HX Stomp it’ll fit in a gig bag or my backpack.

The GE300 has loads of great qualities. I asked for a load of improvements and they sorta just passed me off, if anyone is moaning about Neural doing updates, Mooer are really bad at this. That’s why I’m switching. I also find their sounds to be quite childish in tone. I absolutely love the LEDs, that is one thing I will miss. The LEDs on the QC look nice but one thing I want is to be able to customise the colours. Because I colour code everything. :slight_smile:

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You can change the LEDs on the FM3 also. Very cool! I think NDSP will listen. They must if they are to succeed. My first QC went south. And I found both Sweetwater and NDSP’s customer support to be really quick and responsive. With Sweetwater I had a brand new QC in less than 3 days! And I really needed it because I had a live gig that weekend. I got the feeling early on NDSP was serious about their support. You really find out about a company when problems arise. The cream always comes to the top.

Why did you replace it? What was wrong with the original unit?

They could design an external footswitch that plugs into the exp1 or 2. :slight_smile:

This is a must!

I’m on my 3rd QC. First one started distorting everything. The 2nd one just died, screen went blank and would never start back up. The good news is the 3rd one’s working great.