Quad cortex as interface - through out 3&4

just received my QC and Im having issues with using it as a interface.

My chain is QC to mac mini (m1) and krk active speakers with 1/4" to out 3 and 4.
It seems as the QC is routing all sound through out 1 and 2. how do i re-route it to out3 and 4?
My speakers dont have xlr, and i dont have another interface on hand rn

i have selected the QC as sound in and out in the mac meny.

does this do it? switch to the other option

No, it seems like the return signal from my mac is routed only to Out 1&2 on the QC.

A few reboots of Qc and the mac and it sorted itself out when reselecting Qc as a speaker.
dont know why though, but it work :slight_smile:

Glad you got it fixed! If this starts happening again, might be good to shoot a good ole support email to support@neuraldsp.com

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