Is this sound normal? - Quad Cortex

I recently got my Quad Cortex and I love it but I dont have a lot of experience with this kind of stuff so I dont know if the noise is normal or if my unit is broken or something
These are my I/O settings:

and these are my gate settings:
Immagine 2024-01-07 204646
signal chain in this patch: gate > Neural Capture of a Dirty Tree Boost > Victory amp channel 2 > EQ that cuts off a little bit of mids > Zilla Fatboy Cab

This sounds like interference from a PC or screen.

Try to move the guitar away from electronic devices and see if it gets better.

If the noise persists and your QC is connected via USB, you should also try to unplug the USB connection. If this fixes the noise, you could try to change the USB cable, hub or try another USB port.


I’m in inclined to agree with @derdoe.
If your USB cable is connected to the QC, remove it and see if the issue persists.
When connected, ensure the connected device is not also powered by USB.
For example, if connected to a Mac, ensure the Mac is powered separately.
If you’re connected to a USB hub or Audio interface, ensure it’s not bus powered.
Hope this helps!

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