Quad Cortex signs-out from Cortex cloud…

My QC logs out of Cortex Cloud fairly often every 2-3 weeks, and I actually use this device every single day. I’d understand if it weren’t used for a long period of time, but this is nuts.

I use complex passwords via a password manager, and having to log-in multiple times a month sometimes is completely unacceptable…honestly, I’m not keeping PII in on this device, so why do I have to Re-login at all?



I have the same pain, also using complex and long passwords and typing them on the software keyboard is such a pain.
Additionally, I sometimes get logged out of the wifi (where I also have such a password).

I agree with you that there’s no sensitive data on it that would justify having to log in again and again.

@woodsjmaz @nico2440443 Hey guys. I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing.

Would it be possible for you to send a report from your units right after this issue occurs? You can do that by going to Settings > Contact us > Send report.


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Yep, when it occurs again, I’ll do that.

Does it have to do with the fact that I take my device to places it doesn’t have WiFi access? I can understand it would timeout…but that’s the purpose of this device.

I’ll also send a report when it occurs again

Happened to me too, just last weekend. I was thinking you guys are rebooting a server or something…

I just had this happen to me again - sending a report. How can I help you associate this report with the problem? Do you need a device ID or something to identify the correct report?

there are several enhancement requests around this. Here is mine to use a pin-code associated with the log in account rather than the account password. There is another entry by someone else that suggests using QR codes. Vote for the one(s) you want:

I agree that’s an improvement, but why should it sign-out ever? That’s poor user interface management.

It’s a bug, NDSP seem to be working on it

Just happened again. I uploaded a diagnostic. 9:44A MST (2/2/22)

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Check your WiFi for any interruptions, being disconnected from the cloud has only occurred with me 2-3 times over 3/4 year now.

Even with Wifi interruptions this shouldn’t happen. The device is made for being taken to rehearsals and gigs where you don’t necessarily have Wifi.
It also occurs very seldom for me but it shouldn’t occur at all.

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Send NDSP support an email and see if they can sort you out.

Already did so, still waiting for the next time it occurs so I can send them a report from my device

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Have sent many reports. This happens to lots of people.

It really is my main (and only gripe) with this product.

Sorry to hear that, I haven’t seen it mentioned that frequently but I hope support gets that resolved soon. That can make the whole experience a pain if having to deal with that randomly and frequently!