Quad Cortex Set Lists for Gigging

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Set lists…

For live gigs, I’d really like to have Set List done in a very smart way.

Example: the Helix Floor (I’m not familiar with other products). You have the ability to have multiple set lists - I used this for different types of venue. Not too bad, especially if using the PC to organise. However, it’s not ideal, as you need to create a duplicate of each preset in any set list you create. And then you need to have a smart work flow to make sure any edits you make get replicated to any other set list… blah blah. In the end, functional, but a PIA and takes up too much room.

Here’s an idea that is much smarter - would like to see Neural do it this way.

Maintain presets/rigs/scenes in the current banks and presets as they exist today.

Create a Set List View.

  • Allow us to create multiple set lists with nearly as many songs as we want, in any order we want, using any free form names we want.
  • Each would then simply point to the Preset we want to use for it.
  • Allow scroll up and down to simply scroll through the set list and keep the view (set list, scene, stomp, rig) we prefer
  • this would take nearly no space at all.
  • All presets would only exist once - big saver on many ways
  • Would work for this who use very few presets during a gig
  • Would work for those who use loads of them.
  • Allows for custom set lists depending on the venue or evening…

How is this handled with Kemper or Fractal?

Fractal have no setlist as I know, my AXE-FX II at least not. I use a Gordius Midi Pedal, this works similarly to how you described it in setlist mode. The Songs are simply linked to presets and can be organized in many setlist, easy sortable. Inserting a new Song → Type a name, select a preset, ready.

I can’t speak for Kractal or Kemper, but it looks like Headrush’s setlist function.

Basicaly, you create a new setlist and enter the entire preset switching sequence for a whole gig. After that, you only have to press “next” or “previous” footswitches through your gig.