Multiple preset selection for playlist building?

Am I missing something, or is there no way to move select presets into other setlists other than one at a time? No way to select multiple presets to copy all at once?

All I can think of to do is duplicate/rename the setlist and then rearrange it to my liking. But if I’m copying presets from several setlists, it’s still one by one for those other source setlists. Argh.

That’s it unfortunately- one at a time.
Hopefully there are setlist improvements coming eventually; as it is it’s quite painful to reorganize

Okay. Thanks for the sanity check. I’ll try to be patient.

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it really is a major UI weakness - they aren’t really setlists, but just lists of presets. Who makes a permanent setlist that never changes?!

It’s a very requested feature but unfortunately the votes are spread amongst several different specific requests. Hopefully NDSP is aware of the need.

Here’s one of the most-voted for requests for improvement:

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