1-Button Setlist / Performance step-through

Hey everyone!

currently I am using a Kemper Stage but am thinking about switching to the QC due to the Kemper’s enormous footprint. After some research I’m still not sure sure if it could be used as intended.

On the Kemper I live exclusively in performance mode and I use it like this:

The whole set ist organised in performance(s) per song.
For example performance 1 has one slot each for: verse 1, chorus 1, verse 2, chorus 2, outro
This way I can use one (external) footswitch for “next sound” to get through the whole gig and I don’t need to worry about any tap dancing to find the right sound for the next part.
This works pretty well for gapless sound switching.

Is a similar setup possible on the QC?

If i understand you, yes! In QC you can create setlist’s folders, where you can made a preset for each song, so when you finish playing the 1rst song, you can hit the “next preset stomp” to continue to song 2.

Hi, thats not the same. With the setlist at qc you still have to hit the right button for the sound you need next. It is not a “one-Button-And-Forget”-Feature. You are just able to sort your songs with this feature, not the parts of the song.

We’ve discussed a feature-request for this feature, but till now, it only got 10 votes. The problem is that it’s hard to show most people with a simple headline how much the convenience would increase with such a feature. So it is quickly overlooked or only “but you can also do it this way” suggestions are made, which are usually implemented immediately, but are much more complicated to use.

Maybe we should start a new attempt with you headline, becaus I think, it is very good formulated :slight_smile:

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