Size of the QC power brick // planing new pedalboard

Hi fine folks @Neural,

could you kindly tell the world the size of the power brick (I guess from the power plug on the device one is needed) of the QC unit?

I’m already planing to make a new size appropriate pedal board (Quad Cortex with two Audio Tapestry volume/expression pedals --> perfect size for the QC), so having that info in advance would be much appreciated by me :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Second this! Also would love to see that list of compatible PSUs, am planning a board with a wireless, expression pedal, external tuner (always on), and i’d like to have only one IEC output from my board.

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Is there any update on this list of compatible PSUs?

I am curious about the possibility of being able to use the QC standalone with some type of battery powered option, which somewhat fits in with this topic.

I have not come across any updates about the power supply situation that are meaningful in any way. The Sweetwater tech specs just restate the obvious.

“Power Source: 12V DC power supply (included)”

Might look at the Mission 529 w/USB-C battery

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Thanks. I recall seeing those before. Good rec and good company. I suspect it would be a risky proposition to use the 529M version, which is the only one that can do 12v. Mission put out the 529HC version to provide the exact needs for the Helix Stop, and it is even supported by Line 6 and will not void the warranty. I am guessing they might need to do something similar for the QC in order to ensure it will not pose any risks. I have not really gotten smart on battery powering stuff like this yet, so I don’t really know what I am saying and am therefore taking a conservative approach for now.

It looks like you need a PSU that can provide 12V at 3A. I highly doubt there is any on the market that provides that kind of output. Or at least I couldn’t find any so far.

If you type 3A, 12V into Google search you get some suggestions like this:

Don’t know if it fits but just saying. Should be no problem, theoretically.


plus this

= wireless power for the QC

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I have one of those and a USB-C PD wart waiting for my QC to show up :slight_smile:

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