Dose anyone needs a loop-station in QC? But I need

How about you guys…
I’m really thinging about it.

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QC will probably, eventually have a looper. But using an external looper might still be preferred because

  1. It doesn’t consume a QC block and DSP resources
  2. I has it’s own footswitches, so QC switches can be used for stomp and senes while you’re looping
  3. You can use it with other things - its really handy to have a looper around for testing things.

I use Quantiloop Pro in my iPhone with an ikmedia Blueboard - this works pretty well.


I have a Soma Cosmos in order to do the weird, spacey looping. :slight_smile:

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A looper like the Headrush Pedalboard one would be great ! With the faculty to store wav.
Il fact the perfect Quad Cortex would be the synthesis of the best of the others gears :slight_smile:

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A looper will be added in a future update.