Quad Cortex Looper

Looper is needed! Please get onto this Neural


The iPhone/iPad app Quantiloop with something like an iRig BlueBoard Bluetooth MIDI switch will do the trick pretty easily and probably has a lot more looping capability than would be in QC, and doesn’t take up any switches. Don’t wait for QC looper to start looping!

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I use a TC Electronic Jamx2 but would like to free up pedal board space and have it built in the QC.

Given even the HX Stomp has a looper it’s a bit poor the QC doesn’t yet.

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Could someone please make an official statement about when to expect the looper function?

Is it worth investing in another third-party solution or will we soon get a built-in looper function?


A looper in QC is only part of the problem - you’ll likely also need footswitches to control it. There aren’t that many on QC, so I decided to use an external looper to get the function with the extra switches.

Different looper users have different needs obviously; some people go nuts with half/double tempo, switching between different song parts, etc etc. So I get why some might feel the need for extra switches and then decide that they’re better off with a dedicated pedal.

But I find the claim that “there aren’t that many footswitches” in the QC quite debatable - one should be able to get plenty of looper functionality with 8 switches (not counting the up/down and tempo ones)

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Sure, 8 switches are plenty for a looper, but not for a looper and stomp/scene changes needed while creating and playing the loops.

Yeah, that’s true, of course, but I’d imagine you’d toggle in and out of a “looper mode” - surely the footswitches are not enough to accommodate all modes at once.
Don’t get me wrong, I do see your point! I just don’t think this should make the looper any less fundamental in the feature list for the QC.