Quad Cortex "Lock Preset" function

I would love to be able to select “Lock Preset” by holding down the two lower right hand buttons. (Like we have to do currently to cycle preset>scene>stomp but HOLD them both.) Then the “up” arrow button would toggle between scene or stomp mode and the “down” arrow button would toggle the gig view. WAAAY BETTER because right now, I have to swipe up with my finger to get to gig view, and then hit "close with my finger to get out of gig view. Not exactly “gig friendly!”

This would make a world of difference using the QC live! (We avoid switching presets live anyway because of the switching delay, and input output assignments switching too) I can’t count how many times I have switched presets instead of scenes or stomps and ended up in a sonic nightmare!!!) I curse the current to cycle through preset>scene>stomp when I never want to switch Presets mid song.