Limited Switching functions

I’ve just had a thumb through the manual and ngl, i’m pretty disappointed by what appears (unless i’m missing something) to be extremely limited switching functions…

Preset Mode - is there no option to run the top row as I/A switches? Every other pro unit on the market can do this… hopefully i just missed that part of the manual?

Toggle existing Preset. Another thing that units such as the AX8 and Kemper Floor can do, toggle between two states on the currently selected preset switch. This makes changing or morphing between a rhythm and lead preset extremely handy for live, negates the need for tap dancing.

Again, hoping i’ve just missed these functions in the manual and they are possible but if it’s an oversight then it’s likely a deal breaker for me (and i suspect for many other pro users too…)

What you call toggle existing preset is what they call scene mode where you have one preset with up to 8 different states and you toggle between them

The split with presets on the bottom and stomps on top does not exist like that it seems

hybrid mode? it’s on the QC’s page, but its not there on release.

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If scene mode works anything like the AX8 it’s not really what i’m after… because essentially all switches within a preset are allocated to scenes. It would be great if the scene could be locked to a preset switch, so for example, have presets 1 through 4 along the bottom row and each one can incrementally scroll/toggle through scenes. This way you could effectively toggle between a rhythm scene and a lead scene on each switch.

I’m not sure where you are referring to?

paragraph ‘‘Hybrid mode’’ I think it is also on the QC’s page

Hybrid mode will likely be my standard usage. hope it’s implemented in update as soon as possible.