IR cab resolution

Are there any news about upgrading IR cab resolution on quad cortex anytime soon? Its now 1024 samples and helix and axe have it much higher. Thank you. Best regards to all.

Just curious…are you making this request because you hear the difference or is it just that you’re aware of the larger size of the competition’s offerings? I haven’t had the opportunity to hear both so just wanted to know what your perspective was…thanks

I can hear the difference cause I have hi quality payed IR cabs and want to use them in the highest quality that is possible. When I use amp sim vst I get better resaults when recorded than qc when recorded with the same IR. Thanx

Thanks for replying with that info…good to know and worth the request…Brett

for now I usually run cab sims in the DAW anyway cause its easier to change them without reamping. In a live environment it doesn’t really matter. That said, I still agree