Quad Cortex I/O Headphones and Tuner

Hello guys,

I am not sure if I understand the manual right but I have some questions about the I/O settings:

1.) The QC is called a multiinstrumental device. So is the tuner only muting the selected input or all of them? So I usually tune my guitar while the bass or other guitar or what else plays the intro of a song.
So as a real multiinstrumental device I should choose between different mutes in tuner mode. My suggestion would be “No Mute”, “Mute All” and “Mute Selected input”. Is that possible? If it is not then please put this to the next update because without that function I’m not able to run a bass and a guitar at the same time.

2.) Can I choose the Out which is on Headphones or is it fixed to the XLRs? This is also very important for free routing because otherwise there is no monitoring/backing track possibility during XLRs is FOH mix.

Thanks for helping

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