Quad Cortex Development Update - June 2022

Hey everyone!

As promised here is the development Quad Cortex update that many of you have requested. Our goal is to provide more transparency and clarity around the following:

  • Production delays
  • Development progress on the following features:
  • Desktop controller
  • Plugins on Quad Cortex
  • Hybrid Mode
  • Redesigned File Manager

Hope this provides some answers to the questions the community has been asking. Thank you!


Have followed QC since preorders and have been very happy to see the product and business grow. Congrats and thanks for all the hard work.

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Really great to hear from Neural on this one, it was much needed. Developments so far look very promising. Last update was great. Glad everyone survived the pandemic road blocks!

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Thank you for all you have endured and accomplished to get this product on the market. I love my QC and the last two updates were awesome. Will patiently wait for more… :slight_smile:


Totally appreciate the info.