Neural Capture Question - Stem Tracks?

Hey guys, just a quick question about Neural Capture ( loving the demos of it). Will it be able to capture tones from songs? Say if I feed a guitar stem track into it, will it be able to capture that? I’ve used Bias Amp and I know it can do that, so I was wondering if the quad cortex could do that as well.

This would be a tone match, the QC doesn’t it at this time. I hope, the feature will be added in future, then I can match again my acoustic guitar like in the AXE-FX.


I see. I’m afraid I wasn’t aware of exactly how the capture works, for quad cortex or for bias amp. But yes, I’d be very happy if this feature comes, because it’d definitely be very accurate. Making tones for specific songs would be so much easier :smiley:

It would be cool to see a tone match feature added eventually! I second this!