Quad Cortex first 2 hours

Greetings all, new user here with a brand new Quad Cortex! I’ve been a fan of Neural’s plug-ins for a couple of years and was looking forward to the QC. I’ve played through modelers but never owned one until now. My initial thoughts after a couple of hours of noodling:

  1. The UI and ease of use can’t be stressed enough. It’s SO easy to use and pretty ingenious with WiFi connectivity. Lots of people spoke about this so I won’t say too much more
  2. Form factor is incredible. Wish the foot switches were spaced out a little more but still usable. Easy to transport is why I got it over an AxeFX 3
  3. Sounds tremendous. I’ve mostly just stuck to my meat & potatoes - amp & cab. The models are great and are quite dynamic for low gain/edge of breakup. The high gain amps are KILLER. I’ve got about 15 models left (no bass yet) to try and I’m excited. I’ve read a lot about how some players prefer captures over models but I managed to get 95% there to a recording tone by just following what I always do in the studio (used to be a full time engineer too): amp, cab…tweak the amp…change cabs…fine tune with mic placement and mic selection. Oh and change picks if necessary!
  4. Captures are great. Some user ones are better than others, to be expected.
  5. Messed with about 20 presets. The FX sound great and this has a LOT of power

I haven’t tried it as a USB interface yet, that’s coming soon. All in all I’m very happy with it. I look at the unit as an investment in the future. I’m sure Neural’s gonna continue to upgrade and improve everything about the unit, from FX, more models, modeling technology, UI improvements, etc.

Home run in my opinion.


I’ve been a Fractal user for many years … from Axe FX Ultra to FM9 Turbo.
I must say that Fractal can do it all also the community and service is amazing…can fault them.
Now…what I love about the Quad Cortex …

  1. It’s super easy to use and within an hour I was creating presets
  2. It’s tiny, so I can have a small gig bag
  3. It’s powerful … I can add multiple amps, cabs, effects and it doesn’t suffer
  4. The forum community is very helpful
  5. Sounds great
  6. Great for recording
  7. Makes me play … the touch screen makes it just simple to change / try stuff…it’s great.

I just hope that they listen to us and keep us updated otherwise people will start selling…this happened to me with atomic amplifire … sounds ok but no updates, information etc…so I sold it.

These are my thoughts :slight_smile:


I won’t! The QC does everything I need right now. We all love the dopamine rush of new firmware, but I’m not selling the QC just because I’m not getting my weekly placebo fix. :smiley:

We have monthly updates to let us know new features are being developed.


Love this comment “We all love the dopamine rush of new firmware, but I’m not selling the QC just because I’m not getting my weekly placebo fix.”
Being an ‘old-timer’ (playing 40 years) I’ve seen a lot of changes. From the TS9/Peavey Backstage days - to the POD ‘bean’ - to Axe Fx - it’s been quite a ride. I’ve owned the QC for about a month now. I’ll never go back to amps - never go back to the Fractal tweak-fest.
The way I look at firmware updates is that they are bonuses. How many updates do you get when you buy an amp? Reinhold doesn’t come to your house to update your Ecstasy. You get what you get when you buy it.
The QC is perfect as it is for me. If they want to throw me an extra amp or delay every now-and-again …great. We are living in the greatest time to be guitar players. I’m grateful.


Yuuup!!! Also, I think the guitar community forgets at times that other companies, like Fractal, have many years of development behind their products. It took them a loooong time to develop all the amp models and get the sound & feel where it is today. For Neural’s first hardware unit they did an outstanding job. And guess what? It’s likely only going to get BETTER!!!

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You all got me wrong there…I don’t expect neuraldsp to have as many amps of stuff as the FM9 for example. All I was trying to say is that products like the Amplifire where left to die. Still a good product but I won’t keep a product that never gets updated.
Also, I’m new here so I didn’t know that they give you monthly updates (which is great).
It’s a great product, but still got bugs which I’m sure will get sorted.

I didn’t know about the monthly updates…I’m new here

No worries, here you go!


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Oh no I wasn’t talking about you, more about criticisms I’ve heard from YouTubers and other guitarists about the QC and comparisons vs other modelers, especially Fractal, in general. You bring up good points. Welcome aboard! Good to see the forum getting more active too, that always helps

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Interesting! I dabbled with Fractal FM3 and FM9, and frankly found the forum to be quite toxic. Every feature request seemed to devolve into technical arguments as to why the original poster was wrong, and God help someone who made a statement critical of any Fractal product. This forum seems to be much more pleasant and positive. But of course just my experience and 2 cents.