Quad Cortex Capture vs PRS Archon

Hi all,

Got an Archon 50 recently, love that amp. Sounds huge! I’ve also really been enjoying my quad cortex. Making captures is so much fun!

So I made a blind test comparison of the Archon vs a capture in the QC vs the Helix and vs the Axe Fx. Just to have some fun and to hopefully demonstrate how close modeling and captures come to the real thing these days. Don’t be afraid to make a guess :slight_smile:


Here’s the reveal, along with a free capture of my Archon. Would love to know how you like it: PRS Archon vs Quad Cortex vs Helix vs Axe Fx! Blind Test REVEAL & RESULTS! - YouTube

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Great! Very close all modelers. So, let’s just be happy to own one of them. :slight_smile:

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Actually it’s impressive how closely you dialed them in :astonished:

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