Quad Cortex and Fender Acoustasonic Jazzmaster

As the heading indicates - I have a QC and a Jazzmaster Acoustasonic and REALLY want my live setup to be my QC and a midi controller - BUT - I can’t get the same quality sound out of it that I do out of my standard pedals - K&K Trinity Pre-Amp → Programmable EQ → Boss octave pedal → TC Helicon Play Acoustic with bodyres → Aeros looper → PA system (EV 50m)

I will be spending the next few weeks out of town and am taking the guitar and QC with me and am determined to build the perfect preset/scene to allow me to use just the QC for all of my needs with midi controls running things remotely.

Any suggestions for the perfect preset or any advice on how to replicate my current setup and translate it into my QC settings.

Thank you all for your help!

Are you able to record a sample of your current setup? With a target tone, people may be able to suggest amps/captures to try…

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I would start by capturing your preamp at the setting that has been working for you.

are you using any IRs or captures of acoustic guitars to simulate the resonance from the TC HP?
I find this is the single most useful approach for making a piezo-equipped guitar sound like a miked acoustic (because it IS a miked acoustic ‘sample’)
Capturing your fav settings on the preamp and the TC might be a good experiment

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I know the Acoustasonics have built-in acoustic sims. Are you using the body-rez function on the TC unit, too, or is it just used for your vocals? I’ve played an Acoustasonic briefly but am not sure how good there simulations are.

I’m using an IR that is (supposedly) a capture of a Maton dreadnought. That, with some judicious applied EQ and compression, gives my Ghost-equipped electrics a very convincing “acoustic” tone. The difference between using and not using the IR is night and day. A quality IR can make all the difference.

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