Quad Coretex + UAD Luna

did some one running the QC in Universal audio Luna and how?
i’m curious about how Luna can see and Use the i/o from the QC because Luna want an UAD Apollo.
Is here a way to use a Apollo and a QC both Digital? Maybe by the Audio Midi Setup from Mac OS?

Thanks for help

I thought UAD forced you to use their HW with Luna otherwise you would have to go analog for recording. I would check with UAD requirements.

LUNA Minimum System Requirements
Thunderbolt-equipped Apollo or Arrow UA audio interface (click here for a list of supported models)

Supported Apollo Models (Thunderbolt connection only)
Apollo Solo Thunderbolt
Apollo Twin (silver 1st generation) – NOT USB model
Apollo Twin MkII
Apollo Twin X
Apollo x4
Apollo x6
Apollo x8
Apollo x8p
Apollo x16
Apollo 8 (black 2nd generation)
Apollo 8p (black 2nd generation)
Apollo 16 (black 2nd generation)
Apollo FireWire (silver 1st generation)**
Apollo DUO (silver 1st generation)**
Apollo QUAD (silver 1st generation)**
Apollo 16 (silver 1st generation)**
** Notes:

Apollo rackmount models with FireWire ports must have a Universal Audio Thunderbolt Option Card installed and must be connected to the host computer via Thunderbolt.
All UA Thunderbolt Option Card models (Thunderbolt 1, 2, and 3 cards) are supported.

Thanks for the response.
I have seen this already.
There was hope to avoid the anlog way (connecting the devices by XLR).

I’m understanding UAD to force buy the HW but.
If you have the HW why Limitation on the DAW?

The QC is by far the best Guitar/Bass Platform.
Imagine the Power by use both…

Thanks again

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