QC with UAD Apollo x8

i’ll give that a try tomorrow! Many thanks very appreciated!

I finally got it working for me. QC Line Out 3/4 into Apollo 8 Line In 5/6. Input Level on QC set correctly and output level as well.
In my previous setup i used QC out 1/2 and today i discovered something a bit wired. When Out 1 + 2 of the QC are combined are switched (paired) to stereo there is a relatively huge loss in the output level. On QC out 3/4 this phenomena does not exist :wink:

Anyway it’s working properly now and i want to thank you all who helped me with your great advices!
Cheers, Thomas

Interesting on 1/2 vs 3/4, thanks for the update.

Sounds like a Phase problem, too. Have you panned your signal in your Apollo Console? This would be a massive sound change. I think the QC interface sends left and right hard panned. I often have these sound problems if the monitor engineer missed panning left and right on my stereo setup.

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Also to consider is PAN law, that could possibly be reducing a stereo signal by 3db. I run into this when calibrating VU meters. This is a great overview of that phenomena.