Yamaha HS7 Monitor Config for QC


Could you please help me tune the HS7 (single) that I’ve got so I could connect it to my new QC and get the most of it, please ?

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Leave it as “stock” as possible. Level all the way up at 0 dB, room control at 0 dB, high trim at 0 dB. Run your QC output 1 or 2 with an XLR cable into the HS7. The QC can take care of everything else.

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The Yamaha HS monitors are very scooped sounding. You’ll have to keep that in mind when using them. Sucks that they tuned these monitors to have so much extra highs and lows. They aren’t going to be very accurate when trying to dial in a sound to use elsewhere.

They’re fine for home use, but don’t be surprised if your presets sound way different when they aren’t going through the Yamaha HS monitor

Thank you.

the monitor is solely intended for home usage.

The point seems to be that the presets may not, and if used elsewhere you are likely to be surprised.

so are you saying QC won’t sound good on a single HS-7 Monitor ?

What they’re saying is that, the QC has enough tonal flexibility to match the sonic character of the HS-7 (I’m unfamiliar with these), but any presets or global EQ settings you create for home use with it may sound weird in another context–other FRFR speakers, PA systems, etc. Don’t stress about it, though. You should be fine.


Yes, just as @DiffractionCircuit said. :slight_smile:

HI all, I have a pair of HS5s (room where I have my mac/Logic set up is pretty small and partly as I read that the HS5s don’t colour the sound as much as 7 or 8s…)
The question I have is, when connecting to the speakers via XLR cables from the QC, the volume isn’t very loud unless I really crank the speakers? (even with the quad cortex volume wheel all the way up); is this normal? (kind of feels like the QC isn’t outputting enough volume, as also not feeling as much “oompf” as I’m used to - I had some fairly crappy Behringer speakers before this (which were either the same size, or smaller) and they were a lot louder (had a Fractal AX8 when I had those, so can’t compare to running the QC through those)
This may not be a big issue for me, as for practicing I use a Line 6 powercab, which sounds great (in a bigger room where I can’t have my “studio” set-up) and for recording I plan to connect the QC to my Focusright sound module (then out to speakers - although am also toying with the idea of using the QC as my sound module to avoid and potential signal loss or the Focusrite adding any gain/noise)

I had a simile problem with my Genelec monitors until I put a Walrus Audio passive stereo DI box in in between the QC and the speakers, volume was as wanted immediately

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can you elaborate please ? was it intended for a small room, or to make the quad cortex to sound better by the speaker or louder ?

Thanks in advance.

Both, without the DI box with the LI switch activated the sound was low and lifeless,

OK. Thank you, I’ll purchase it. I have only one speaker, so should I get the mono version, right ?

Thanks again for your help.

The price difference isn’t a lot so go for the stereo one in case you get another speaker at some point


I contacted the Walrus Audio sales team, and they said I didn’t need one… maybe I didn’t explain myself well… :frowning:

This topic pops up from time to time in the forum; *sigh* here we go again…

You should not need anything else. Actually, the whole idea of using a separate D.I. box is wacky, because the QC already outputs balanced line level signal.

The QC has +9.5 dBu max output level on outputs 1 and 2, which is more than enough juice to feed the input of a speaker that is designed for +4 dBu (which is industry standard across pro audio devices).

You may need to adjust your QC input and output level settings to get the most amount of volume on tap–while retaining the headroom you need–going into your speaker. A good place to start, and what many in this forum already do, is turn your volume knob up to max and leave it there. Just make sure you don’t go into the red and start clipping on the output. From there, you should adjust the volume on your speaker.


I misled you, I own an HS-8 not an HS-7… does it matter ?