2 Guitars Same QC same patch

Hey there boys and girls,

It’s my first time writing at this forum.
So last night we went to rehearse some polyphia songs with my friends.
We connected two guitars at the same QC and same FRFR speakers and we were playing with the same patch.
When one played solo it sounded awesome but when we were playing together it sounded like cr*p.
Do you think it was same output’s fault or same patch’s?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @aunzie and welcome to the community!
It’s really going to depend on how you have things configured for sound but if you are only using a pair of FRFRs and play both guitars from the same outputs etc., it wouldn’t sound optimal and would be better if you could route independent outputs for each guitar.

If you have two sources into the same signal chain, and one of them is loud enough to case any clipping in the signal chain (through a compressor/limiter, distortion pedal or amp distortion), it will effectively duck the other out, meaning you will only hear the louder of the sources. You need to use two different signal paths from input through blocks to output to run two instruments.

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