QC getting quite warm after about an hour of use

Hi folks,

I was wondering if anyone had noticed that the device gets unusually warm after an hour or so of use?
If I put the device to sleep it still stays warm. I have to power it off before it cools down.
Its a bit worrisome since I frequently leave stuff on for several hours.

Anyone else notice this?

Yes, same here. I remember though that in another thread in this forum Dan said that this is normal.

It gets warm but not hot. Nothing to worry about … :slight_smile:

Cheers, Todde

Thanks guys I guess time will tell. I’ll check with support as well.
I’ve owned other modelling rigs before but haven’t seen them get this warm. Maybe its the quad cores that add to the heat. I’m not even running any major patches that would be stressing it. CPU was about 30% tops

It’s a computer. They get hot especially in a small enclosure with a screen.

Oddly enough I used it for several hours today and no signs of it getting hot like it was yesterday. In fact if anything i was running patches that were more complex.
The only difference was that I was not connected XLR to XLR from out 1, instead I was going from output 3. Not sure why that would make a difference though. Very strange.

It’s good that the enclosure gets warm. It means that the heat from inside is efficiently transferred to the aluminum enclosure which acts as a huge heat sink to dissipate the heat generated inside. It’s a passive cooling, no need for a noisy fan.

That part is good however this was unusually hot for such a device. i.e uncomfortable to hold and the smell from the vent was of warm electronics. This has not recurred since day one even after using it for many hours so I’m not sure what the root cause is. I have sent a log to neural in case it is caused by some process overloading CPU.
It is a mini PC after all so thing can go wrong in the OS.