QC no 5 ghz wifi?

Hello Everyone,

I just put in my order for the QC! Very excited!!! Does it seriously only support 2.4ghz wifi? I hope that was a typo in the manual. I figure if a $30 Chromecast has 5ghz this must right?

There’s pros and cons to each. 2.4ghz has a greater range. While 5 ghz is a faster connection, it has a shorter range. Depending on how much information the QC will need to transmit/receive, there may be no real benefit to one versus the other. If the QC deals in small transfers of data, then they may have purposely opted for greater range.

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What exactly are you expecting from a 5 ghz connection over a 2.4 ghz? We’re not talking about wireless streaming of audio/video where 5 ghz would be beneficial. The range of 5 ghz is extremly limited to maintain the high speeds so for anything the QC will do over wifi, 2.4 ghz will do the trick, no doubt about that.

Hey, yes I’m fully aware of the limitations/benefits of each. I’m an IT professional and my home network has been 5ghz only for the past 5+ years. I have the 2.4 ghz radio turned off completely to enhance device performance and lower interference in my area. It’s not about performance, it’s about the ability to integrate with a broad range of existing setups. I would have expected at least the option for either.

Thanks for the clarification.

Oftentimes, integrating with a broad range of devices leads to the least common denominator. In the case of WiFi, that would be 2.4GHz, just like any number of IoT devices that are 2.4GHz only.

I’ve not seen a 2.4ghz only device for a number of years, including smart speakers, thermostats, printers, gaming devices. Just a wierd omission imo especially for a top tier device that seems focused on network connectivity. Maybe they got an amazing bulk deal on a bunch of older wifi chips, who knows.

I just fired up the 2.4ghz band and wow is it slow by comparison. Hopefully updates and cloud sharing file sizes are reasonable.

Seems my QC is going to be spoiled with its own dedicated band :grin:

Here’s a Belkin smart plug released last summer. Major manufacturer and while “1” is a number, I wouldn’t consider its release to be a number of years ago.

You’ll probably ask me to come up with 100 more examples but it’s just not worth my time.

Well you got me there. All good, I’ve got the 2.4 ghz band fired up and waiting for the QC :slight_smile:

some of this seems a big exaggerated lol most smart devices work on 2.4ghz , a lot of them only work on 2.4 ghz. 2.4 isnt that slow, it can deliver up to 450 mb/s . If that isnt enough then your doing something wrong. If you aren’t getting that speed then your set up/settings are the problem.

As you can see above, I’m not crying too much about 2.4GHz but 5GHz does have the virtue of being a less congested band.