A recommended wireless transmitter to use with headphones on QC?

I have a pair of wired headphones that work okay with the QC. I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for plugging in a wireless transmitter so that I can be relieved of being tethered by a wire to my desktop… Wouldn’t it be great if there was BlueTooth built into the QC, but I digress… Thanks again.

I haven’t heard of any that beat the latency issue, but maybe there’s something out there?

QC has BT onboard, just not activated

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Wow! Is that something that may come with 2.0? Interesting the Cloud is down and they said they are doing some upgrading this morning. I have to admit I am very interested in what is coming up! Thanks for the response.

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I doubt we’ll see any Bluetooth integration just yet.
Something’s definitely going on this morning, hopefully this is the big reveal!

Have you perused the News section on the official NDSP site? They’ve discussed a good bit of the 2.0 update content there, but they also hinted that there will be some surprises too.

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I have spent most of my time here in the forum so far. New user of one week… I am enjoying the forum. A lot of good interchanges… like this one. :wink: