Does the QC have Bluetooth capabilities?

The other day someone said the QC has Bluetooth capabilities, but they are not activated. Does anyone know for sure if this is true or not? It would be amazing if it were true. In the meantime I have done the wireless guitar to input thing and am shortly going to be doing a wireless headphone out for a monitor. I would love to hear what your setups are which are Bluetooth related. Thanks.

There has been no confirmation and or any notice from NDSP that BT would be enabled. Sorry for the confusion.

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I thought for sure I’d seen mention of that somewhere, maybe the design papers? Guess I better stop saying that it does. Where the heck did I get that from?

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Haha! If we all imagine it together it could happen. Neural Symbiosis!

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found this: (I KNEW I read it somewhere!)

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Thank you for the feedback. So I can move forward with buying external Bluetooth devices without wondering if I am wasting money… But I know me, I will waste money somewhere else. :wink:

I guess I should edit to indicate there has been no indication that NDSP will enable BT yet there is a feature request already posted.


Looks good, but I did see that someone said there is no Bluetooth antenna in the unit… If no physical antenna then no Bluetooth? It will be interesting to follow this idea. I would like BT to stream music into the set and play along with the music on my guitar. I have also wondered if I could use my wireless headphone/earbuds as a monitor. I read someone says too much latency for that though… I don’t know. Thanks for posting the link. Great to be here with you all.