QC Lockup and in Reboot Loop After Downloading Some Presets

CorOS Version: 1.3.4 (updated when I received the unit today0

Describe your issue:
I got my QC as a Demo from Sweetwater, which probably means it has been returned by a customer. My QC is locking up after downloading some presets. It gets into a reboot loop and there is no sound and I can’t change presets. I have already done a factory reset and it functions fine on factory loaded presets. I have sent a diagnostic log to tech support. An error message pops up that says:

"Something went wrong
Your Quad Cortex experienced an unexpected problem. If you continue to experience this, please send a crash report to us to diagnose the issue.

I sent a crash report after the first lockup AND after I did a factory reset and it did it again. Has anyone else seen this issue?

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. Download and install shared presets
  2. It seems to be presets that are more complex that causes the issue, such as those that have a higher CPU usage or use both inputs 1 & 2
  3. I’ve done a factory reset once and it has locked up again from a preset by Rabea.

I expected this to happen:
Loading any downloaded preset should function fine.

I have tried the following things:

  • I did a factory reset once.
  • I added simple presets and seems to be OK

Hi @RockingCPA, Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with your QC locking up. Since this is not normal behavior, please reach out to NDSP support@neuraldsp.com and they will get your sorted quickly.

Email sent. It seems to be OK with factory presets or slightly modded factory presents. A preset from The Studio Rats is fine, but that is just a slightly tweaked Brit 2203. The Icles from RabeaAfro crashed it and some from a buddy that are using 50% + CPU with multiple inputs did, as well. Once it has crashed, rebooting doesn’t seem to immediately fix it. Pure speculation on my part, but it seems like something a computer would do when the RAM or CPU is not working properly.

I need to set up a preset with scenes with an acoustic emulator, AC30ish, crunchy Marshall and a boosted solo setting. I like to go from left to right across the bottom from clean to solo with a different version of the same scene above on A thru D. I’m going to start adding blocks with a 2nd amp and cab for an acoustic IR. Let’s see what happens when I start to push the CPU with 2 amps, 2 cabs and some time-based EFX. I’m coming from a Kemper Stage. I like the sound of the QC, added CPU power, and interface, but having a computer-based system lock up on you is pretty scary to use in a live gig situation. ZERO problems with the Kemper in almost 3 years and probably 150-200 gigs. Fingers crossed that the QC can be this reliable, sound better and be more compact for travel dates.

Well, I updated to the most recent firmware 1.4 that came out this morning, hoping that it would fix the problem. NOPE!! Now, I have no sound at all and the reboot loop is constant even with factory presets. Very disappointing.

@RockingCPA - I checked in with support and it looks like we only have a report from you but no email. Please email support@neuraldsp.com so the team can look into this.

If you already sent an email please dm the email you used to send it with so I can confirm we received it.