QC IR questions

A couple of questions on using IR’s with the QC;

  1. There is an option on the left hand side of the IR edit window, which is a little white circle with a line through it. You can select this on and off, and when on there is a little green dot next to it. Can someone tell me what this is? I can’t work out what it does.

  2. This is a weird one; I am using my stereo studio monitors, and when I use a dual IR in stereo, and pan one IR left, and the other right, they come out of the opposite speakers; so the one that is panned full left comes out of the right speaker, and vice versa. The speakers are IK Micro Monitors, which use a proprietary DIN style cable (almost like a smaller version of a MIDI cable) to connect the right speaker to the left speaker, which is the ‘master’ speaker (ie the left speaker is the one that has all the controls, the AC in and the audio in sockets) Any ideas?

  1. Thank you, sounds plausible, even if I have no idea what it means. I shall do some more research :+1:t2:

  2. My bad - phono inputs in to monitors were the wrong way around, doh!

Phase switch. If you’re using two mics on the same cabinet, some pairings of mic settings result in a loss of volume and may sound weird or “hollow”–because the signals of the two mics are canceling each other out. This typically happens if you’ve got one mic close to the speaker and the other further away (causing a difference in phase).

Toggling the switch on one or the other cab flips the phase 180 degrees to correct phase differences. Use your ear to judge whether you need this or not.

Couple of things to remember:

  1. If you’re using one mic in a cab block instead of two, then you won’t hear a difference when toggling the phase switch.
  2. When using two mics, toggling the phase switch on both mics will produce the same sound as having neither phase switch on.

You sure on that? When I used that control I didn’t get the kind of behavior that would indicate that its changing the phase. The symbol is a null symbol, which indicates to me that its mimicking the proximity effect for the mic. I think its similar to this info re: Fractal:

Of course, it would be helpful if NDSP had info in the manual that covered this so we didn’t have to guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

From the manual:

Neural plug-ins have the same configuration. The “null” symbol in the cab section is used to indicate a phase switch.


Interesting. I was looking at the cab block not the IR Loader block. Thanks for the explanation.

I should also add, that a phase switch is a common feature in audio systems–live and studio mixing boards, DAWs, etc.–and the null symbol is universal. It’s pulled from electrical engineering.

I read through the Fractal article and it seems they use the null symbol for something other than what it traditionally means.

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