What are your favourite (non IR) cabs and mics in the QC?

Coming from a full valve setup and moving to a modeler for the first time, I’m trying to set the QC up at home ready for actual live use. However I find I keep switching out amps and not settling on one I like yet as they are really dependant on the cab used…

Currently I use an Orange PPC412 and will be using this with an SD powerstage for live, so I’m trying to replicate the sound of that for the direct outputs on the QC. My favourite so far seems to be the 412 Range PPC V30 03, but now I just keep switching microphones and positions etc. which also massively affects the sound.

Ideally looking to just replicate what the cab would sound like in a room as closely as possible, but just wondering if anyone had any tips/hints/favourite mic combos and positions etc.? Or other favourite cabs entirely?

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part of the challenge here is IR’s and QC speakers both include mic’s, which influence the sound. Most IR’s including those in the QC aim to replicate a mic’d up speaker that goes through the PA. I’m not sure there are any out there without the microphone element.

That said, it’s possible to adjust those in the QC or find 3rd party IR’s that come close but they’ll never be quite the same.

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Ahh, by “replicate what the cab would sound like in a room” I didn’t mean the sound of just a mic in the room, but just getting the most natural sound of the cab itself, rather than deliberately exaggerating certain frequencies through mic choice/placement etc.

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