QC IR format

I’m not an expert on IR’s, but I’m unable to add most of the IR’s that I used on my Headrush, presumably because of the format.

The Headrush can ‘supports all .WAV format impulse response files with sample rates up to 192 kHz, bit depths up to 32-bit, and sample lengths up to 2,048 samples’ whereas the QC, AFAIK, supports only IR’s up to 1024 samples.

I therefore presume that the IR’s I can’t add to my QC are ones that exceed the 1024. Is this likely to be the problem, and is this in itself a limitation of the QC compared to a much cheaper unit like the Headrush?

Hi @littlespaceman, I am unaware of any IRs that can’t be used on the QC (at least I have never had any issue loading any IRs) therefore I would email support@neuraldsp.com and they will get you taken care of quickly.

ask them for the official specs, IR-wise too, if you contact them. There don’t see to be ANY details on this published anywhere officially.

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