Best sound for Taylor 916CE

I just bought a Quad Cortex to replace my Vox amp and pedalboard - I have found presets and neural captures that sound amazing for my Gretsch Country Classic & Fender Jazzmaster!

Now I would like to replace my LR Baggs Venue & acoustic pedalboard too and would like to have your best tips for QC and my Taylor 916CE!?

I have downloaded the Impulse Response for T816 from Worship Tutorials WT Acoustic IR Sample Pack, but I don’t get the IR to work on the QC!? What am I missing here?

Is IR the way to go? Where do I get the best IR’s for Taylor acoustic guitar?

/David :sweden:

When you say you downloaded it and it doesn’t work what do you mean exactly? Have you uploaded it onto your device already? The IR upload process was slightly confusing for me at first but after you do it once or twice you’ll have it down.

I have uploaded it to the QC - then tried to add the IR-file both as Impulse Response & Cab but I don’t get any sound!?

I don’t know if I am missing something or if these IR’s from Worship Tutorials don’t support QC!?

You may need to check your input level on the QC and also the input level on the IR loader block. I can confirm that the IRs do work on the QC. You can swipe from the top of the screen down to enter the input menu and check/adjust your levels.

The global input is ok since other presets are fine, but maybe I have missed the input at IR loader block….

Do you use IR’s from Worship Tutorials too? At their website it says nothing about support for QC!?

Thanks for help so far, I will try more later when I have time!

Yes I have used WT IRs on the QC and they work just fine. My favorite way to play acoustic is the clean channel on the Worship Tutorials Fender Pro Clean/ambient channel. It’s a great tone for me but your moves may vary. :slight_smile:


I am using Worship Tutorials IRs on my QC too, they work fine and they do sound great. Although most acoustic IRs reduce the signal level, so you have to turn up the level in the IR block almost to the max.
I also have the input level up quite a lot, I have a Taylor too and the output is not huge.

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Thanks for sharing!

I’m away for the weekend but will try more with IR’s when I get back home!

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Thanks for great input & support from @Jonosborne and @PaoloM - I have now managed to download the IR for Taylor 816 from WT and it sounds amazing!!!


Hey glad you got it working! That is awesome! Have you done any live gigs with it yet?

I have used it twice live so far - one worship night and for one outdoor Sunday service!

Sound great - it really sounds like a Taylor miced up in a studio!

The very low levels for acoustic IRs can be ramped up using volume on ANY of the amp and fx stages (because it is digital), but be careful not to add preamp gain or EQ that alters the IR EQ