IR wave file format?

I have looked everywhere for what format does the Quad Cortex use so I can load some of my York IRs. York has the choice of 44.1k for kemper, 48k for Fractal and Line6 etc. and 96k for Strymon. Which one am I supposed to use??? There is no information anywhere? Thank you for any and all help.

I have used 44.1k kemper ir seemed ok

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I tried the 96k and it seems to be working fine. I am just curious as to which is best suited for the QC.

I have been using 48k ML, York and OwnHammer, no issues :slight_smile:

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Thanks y’all. Sounds like it can do any format it wants. Does anyone know which format has the highest fidelity?

It probably resamples but I believe the native bitrate is 48KHz

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