QC Global "Panic" Mute at output via footswitch?

Wondering if there is an option - or possible wish list item - regarding a global mute that could be immediately accessible via footswitch. If you’ve ever dealt with a white noise blast in your DAW you know the level of damage it can cause, not to mention a complete rattling of the nerves. It’s a terrifying, high decibel noise. Considering that the QC will be used live, connected to not only personal monitoring systems but FOH, having access via footswitch to an immediate muting of the outputs, should the “ghost in the machine” decide to make an appearance, would be a really thoughtful inclusion. Sure, it’s a rare occurrence, but believe me, this simple level protection could potentially save eardrums and a wide assortment of costly gear on stage and in the studio. I suspect the tuner mutes the QC outs, but is it an immediate point of access? Thanks for your response(s).

Yes, the tuner can be reached anytime and anywhere with the Tuner button. In a video I saw that this muted the outputs.

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Nice, thanks! I expected as much, just wasn’t certain if it was a multi-step process to get there. The kind of noise burst I’m referring to is something that needs absolutely immediate muting.

Ok, you need a long tap on the tuner button, may be 2 seconds or so.

Understood, that’ll have to suffice for now. Never experienced it with any digital pedal format, and I’ve never seen it discussed in other competitor forums, but being that this is a technology that interfaces similarly with analogue amplification as does a DAW, I thought I’d better ask (for my own sanity).

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it would be easy to setup: within every preset create a scene that drops all outputs to zero. and use that same footswitch for every preset. no waiting. just tap and mute all. would have to be in Scene Mode.


Ah yes, love it, great idea. Thanks Bobby!

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