QC input levels


I’m wondering how the QC inputs & fx-loops can handle the levels coming from many of the fuzz & boost pedals that sometimes go as far as +60dB? Will the input pad the audio level down to an acceptable dBFS level, or is there a soft clip of some sort happening before that happens?

I had asked about level adjusting on fb and Doug said something to the effect of ‘yep, we got it’.

Ideally I’d love to be able to access a view mode with real time meters for each block so we can easily identify and clean up sources of clipping. It would also be dope if we could set up a global unity gain so output stays consistent between presets scenes etx

Yeah, metering would be awesome. Clip indicators might even do. Strymon pedals are a great example of how to not do this, any older fuzz brings their input totally on its knees.

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