QC for multiple musicians

Given the large switching capabilities and powerful stuffing, the QC may well be an effects unit for several people. However, a common preset for all stereo paths greatly complicates control in such a scenario. You can modify the procedure for saving presets in such a way that only part of the chain is saved in it, and when such a preset is selected, only this part will update the blocks on the grid:

Thus, musicians will be able to freely include the preset they need without the need for coordinated work and difficulties with the preparation of general presets.

We need to add an attribute to the preset, you can assign it on the preset saving page, and in it we will indicate which stereo paths this preset will store. This is how it looks:

Let’s say that in this way we marked the first five presets, they will store the guitarist’s chains and use 3 stereo paths. Now let’s note the 6th, 7th and 8th presets in this way for the vocalist:

After these manipulations within the first bank, the guitarist and vocalist will be able to freely change presets without interfering with each other.
In general, even at this stage, the function will be good, but there are a couple more important details. With this approach, the ability to change presets using the next/previous commands does not always work correctly. And with the help of MIDI it is possible to load only certain presets by number. Fortunately, this feature is easily implemented using tags that you came up with to group presets! You guys are really great!
Let us return to our example in the first bank. We marked the presets of the guitarist and vocalist with the corresponding tags. Now we enter 4 MIDI-commands, and in the settings of Quad Cortex we inform him that we want to use two commands to scroll through presets with the tag guitar, and two more commands to scroll through presets with the tag vocal. Thanks to this, we will not limit ourselves to 3, 5 and even 8 presets, we can mark any number of presets in different banks with the desired tag and they will all be available to the musician in scrolling order.

In addition to matching the tag with the MIDI-commands, We need to be able to match the next\previous footswitches on the device itself. After all, the owner of the device in most cases will not need a MIDI controller. It will be good to be able to associate the rest of the footswitches with tags, then up to 4 musicians will be able to list through presets only with footswitches on Quad Cortex.

Thus, we can achieve any combinations that I talked about in the original post. Moreover, we will be able to have presets for groups of different sizes at the same time within the entire pool of presets of Quad Cortex - for two musicians, for three and four. This will require a total of 10 tags and 10 pairs of MIDI-commands next\previous (although it’s possible to manage with four pairs, but then we have to reassign them to the necessary tags each time)

If you use this function, you probably should add special icons showing which paths are used in the current preset, for example: