Is QC for me? bass guitar & standup bass switching


I switch between an electric bass guitar and an electric standup bass with passive piezo pickups. Currently on my pedalboard I use a simple A/B switcher to switch between the two instruments. I have it routed so some pedals are universal, some are specific to my 6-string Kiesel, and others are specific to my NS Design WAV4 which has a passive piezo pickup.

How would I set a built-in switch to toggle between two inputs? Can I do this or would it be better achieved plugging in a separate footswitch?

Or would I be better off setting up specific patches for each instrument, and the selected input would be part of the patch?

I started pricing out what would be part of my ideal pedalboard and the QC is EASILY a better deal. The only drawback is spending all of the money at once. Just want to make sure I understand the functionality before buying.

Thank you.

You would be better creating a separate preset for each input would probably be the easiest and makes the most sense IMO.

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Can a preset contain a collection of stompboxes?

Of course, its a signal chain and can contain any effects you want to use etc.

I have had a QC since December and are very happy with it. I mainly play double bass and have both a pickup and a mic connected to input 1 and 2.

I also play electric bass and have that in return 1 and a synth bass in return 2.

For now I gave two main different presets: One for the double bass with a mix of the mic and the pickup (and an IR on the pickup) and the synth bass always on. The other preset is with the electric with the synth bass always on.

Everything is routed to an amp on out 3, and then a PA mix on out 1 and 2. With separate EQs on amp and PA and no mic in the amp to avoid feedback.

I miss having a multiband compressor like the TC Spectracomp bass. Other than that I’m very happy and would recommend it. It’s cool that it has 48v so you can use a mic in your setup in the future if you need it down the road :blush:

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How do you control muting for instruments not in use? each instrument’s on-board volume control?

First I thought to have one master preset with everything, but I found out that wasn’t practical. So I just switch between two presets. In the preset with the electric bass the double bass simply isn’t patched or visible and vise versa in the other one.

So I’m in stomp mode and press the foot switch for preset up for double bass, and down for electric. If I just use those two (and don’t press the same twice) it’s just as having an A/B switch.

Just a +1 that this should work nicely. I play a Kiesel 7-string bass. I use different tones for the bass and guitar registers. Sometimes I use scenes within a preset and sometimes I switch presets.

Also, FWIW, I love the GK800RB emulation. You do have to dial the treble way back, just like the real thing.