Guitar presets in the QC

So I don’t know if I am only one with this “problem”, but here it comes.
Normally when I create some patch, it works great for one guitar, it sounds off for another. I understand that in general differences between guitars are appreciable, but sometimes you just need to do a lot of tweaking every time you switch.
So my idea is: would it be possible to have “guitar presets”, that can be for instance just an eq + comp to level out major differences between guitars, and when selected applies to all QC patches?
That way, when changing guitars, one only needs to recall the corresponding preset and all patches should work pretty much as they did before. What do you think?

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I do this with my helix patches currently using a template for presets.

Uhm, I am not sure how “templates” in Helix work, but to me they’re just “something you start from”. So, if I get it right, you have a template for each guitar, and take it from there…which is not really what I have in mind, cause you’d still have one copy (from a different template) per guitar, and all the more you’d have to recreate the rest of the preset for each one.
What I am proposing it’s orthogonal, you pick a guitar preset (maybe in the input menu?) and that is automatically applied to your input, no matter what patch you’re using later.

Before doug deactivated his fb account we spoke about the need for global eq options. I’m not sure whether he plans to fet it incorporated for release or if it’s a ‘later’ item- but the ability to assign a unique EQ to any input or output, would be immensely helpful when making adjustments for a particular room, instrument, cabinet, etc.


Awesome, I think that would fit perfectly also the guitar switching =)

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