QC - crashes when you change the preset name twice in a row on the preset list after copy/paste

CorOS Version: 2.0.2

crash occurs when I change the preset name twice in a row after copy/paste

  1. On the preset list - I copy one of them and paste it onto one of the unsaved positions.
  2. I change the name of the new preset and save it.
  3. Since the name did not change as expected (the name is now a bank number and position, for example, 1F), I select edit details again, enter a new name, and save it.
  4. QC freezes for several seconds and then displays the message “Quad Cortex encountered an error, rebooting in 4s.”
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This is a known bug that is impacting some users and NDSP has temporarily disabled the update. A hot fix is being provided shortly.