QC captures as plugins

IK Multimedia just announced a machine learning plugin version of Amplitube. Wouldn’t it be great being able to somehow use your own QC captures as plugins in your DAW?

It will be interesting to see how their software works/performs when released.

I can understand wanting to protect the hardware business model by allowing capturing only on the hardware, but being able to use my captures in a DAW plugin would be very useful for professional composer workflows where recall is an absolute requirement.

Just noticed this feature request that seems to be older. I posted a similar topic in the plugins category not too long ago: How about a capture-plugin and/or standalone application?

The capture-plugin-topic doesn’t seem get much attention though. Neither here, nor there.

You are aware you can use your captures on your QC and route them to your DAW via USB audio? I have several captures that I love and find myself constantly routing via QC to my DAW (for tone only of course as all adjustments/tweaks for that capture would be on the QC itself).

Understood, but that’s not an efficient workflow. Professional composers need to be able to easily recall sessions and make changes. DI guitar with a plug-in is the best way. I have Marshalls, Fenders and Vox’s, but can’t use them for scoring gigs due to recall. I’ve captured them all in my QC, but a plug-in that can use those captures would be the best workflow.