QC 4 Cable to EVH 5150 3 and Front of house at the same time

Hello is it possible to run the QC in 4 cable to my EVH amp and cab and run the exact same effects to FOH but with the EVH QC amp and cab model? This would allow me to jam as loud as i want on stage without having too worry about a mic and FOH would have a nice signal he can work with.

I don’t have much time to think this all the way through, but at first glance your best bet might be to utilize your real amplifier’s preamp section into the QC, then run out to power amp on one output and through an IR block to FOH on another output. You wouldn’t need to use the QC’s EVH amp block(s) in this case.

Thanks, that sounds like a plan,

You could also use the amp in the QC. For example go input (QC) - amp (QC) - FX (QC) - split signal A - output 1 going to return in the FX loop of your amp and B path - IR block - out 2 - front of house.

Test using outputs 3 or 4 to your amp instead as I think they can take TS cables. Definitely use output 1 or 2 to FoH.