Protective cover UK ? Separate footswitch for looper?

My name is Jim and I have recently for the first time bought a QC.
Very impressed and really enjoying exploring all the possibilities.
I have a couple of questions that hopefully someone may be able to answer:
Firstly is there anywhere online in the UK who supplies KnK protectors or similar ?
Secondly is it possible to control Record, Stop, Play and overdub or even just record and play with an attached separate foot-switch via the expression pedal input or otherwise?
Basically I would like to use the looper whilst the QC remains on my desk.

Welcome Jim!

I can address the second part. You can use a midi controller to send midi messages to activate and control the looper. I have a Morningstar mC6 pro and it works great. But any midi controller will do!

Thank you. That’s very helpful. I actually have a Morningstar MC8 arriving today. However I have no idea how to use midi. Is there any instructions how to use midi with the QC online or you tube etc ?

Ah. That’s perfect. It’s not too hard! Morningstar has a you tube channel with great instructional videos. I would start with this one and then use this page in the manual for the looper midi messages and you’ll be set.

That’s brilliant. Thanks Kyle - very kind and great advice.
That will be my go to.:grinning:

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